Galaxy nails

I have always liked galaxy pattern stuff (but have not been brave enough to buy one of these –

So, I decided to take it slowly and first do the galaxy nails. I got inspired by some youtube videos like this one

What do you need:
– a sponge
– some scotch tape
– nail polish in several colors – black, shiny dark blue, fuchsia, white, mint.


What do you do:

(1) Put black nail polish as a base:


(2) Get a black frame for the galaxy pattern

It is quite simple – just tape the vertical borders of your fingers with scotch tape.
Something like this:


(3) Build the pattern

Apply different colors with the sponge.
We started with shiny dark blue and proceeded with the lighter ones:


(4) Remove the tape and apply top coat and you are ready.

Final result:


I really liked the look because it is super classy and cool (and durable!).

Svetla and Lucy

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