I love…Mango and Papaya

Here in Sofia it seemed that spring was on vacation and cold weather is gonna stay for quite a while… But this is not reason enough for me not to dream about sunshine, freshness and sweet-scented fruits. That`s why I decided to share with you two of my new favorite body products. Some weeks ago I came across them in a local drug store and they easily became my favorites. I`m talking about I love…Mango and Papaya shower gel and body lotion. I love…Mango and Papaya
  To be as precise as possible I`ll tell you about every tiny detail I noticed.

Package:  As a graphic designer packaging is the first thing notice while still in the store. I really love it – simple, girly and sweet. The bottles are transparent and you can see what is inside, which I really appreciate. Review  I love…Mango and Papaya showr gel

Scent: Wonderful! Amazing! The pair smells of truly fruity mango and papaya, as if just picked from a garden. The bathroom smells great after using the shower gel, full of a lingering fresh-fruity scent. But if you want your body to retain the aroma for hours, you definitely need to use the body lotion as well. They just go together.  I love…Mango and Papaya shower gel

Performance: I`m pleased with the results. My skin is clean and well hydrated. The shower gel makes plenty of foam regardless whether you take a shower or a hot bath. The lotion absorbs very easily into the skin and makes it soft, hydrated and irresistibly fragrant. In brief, I could say I`m pleased with the overall experience and I am surely going to try the rest of the brand products. I love…Mango and Papaya shower gel

P.S.:  Would you like to share what your favorite sent is. Here in Sofia I only found three or four and decided to shop online. Regrettably, the fragrance remains a mystery when one’s online.

Love, Lucy

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