What`s in my bag

Hello sweethearts,

There`s an old Bulgarian saying: You can find everything in woman`s bag, but order. I kinda’ agree with that but let`s be honest – if women don`t need so much “essential” things every day. There would be no reason for the fashion industry to create so many gorgeous, irresistible and “ohh my god I want it” handbags. So let`s see what is the ‘tiny universe’ hidden in my bag.


I`ll begin with my wallet – black leather and gold. I really love the fact that it matches perfectly with my bag. Same color, same texture although they came from different places. Next thing is my cell. It`s pretty essential because my entire day is directly related with being online since I`m a graphic designer at digital and social marketing agency. A low battery or phone left at home can ruin my day. Furthermore, my work is related to meeting new people so I bring a business card holder with me.

Stop talking about work and let`s see which are the beauty weapons in my bag. Every woman brings with her some make up. I prefer natural and nude looks so first things in my beauty kit are Peau parfait by Yves Rocher, mattifying compact powder by Essesnce and blush by Maybaline. They help me achieve that natural look even if I’ve had a long hard work day. When I need a little more, Rimmel eye shadows helped me to achieve it.  Of course all these are useless without my compact set of brushes by Avon. Some mascara is never a bad idea. My favorite is Bourious Twist up the volume. I use position 1 to lengthen and separate lashes and position 2 to volumise and intensify them. As far as lips go I respect one theory: you need two types of color – one soft and nude or pink and one dark and bright like red. The first is appropriate with dark and smoky eyes and the second – with soft, no make-up looks. So I bring with me Lancôme lip gloss and Revlon lipstick. Last but not least is a fragrance. I don`t like to push in my bag some big bottle so when I need some freshness and confidence, pocket sized Little Black Dress by Avon is my savior.


Another item I wouldn`t leave home without, is hand cream. My hands tent to dry out so I bring Essence hand and nail cream everywhere I go.

Maybe you spotted the blue patterned box. This is my emergency box.  I hold there sanitary napkins, tampons, painkillers, band aids (in case of broken nails, uncomfortable shoes or so) and a nail file.

Ohh I almost forget – I can`t leave home without headphones. Music is mandatory – when I`m going to work, when I work, when I train. In that way I can concentrate, become more productive and just have some fun.



What’s in YOUR BAG?

Love, Lucy


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